Welcome KulaDAO Platinum Investor!

Investment Project: Bekazulu Limestone Mining.
Country: Zambia, Africa.

KulaDAO presents an exclusive offer and unique opportunity to six Platinum Investors only. Selected parties are invited to invest a minimum of $100,000USD each.

Investing in this opportunity will generate return on your investment and substantially impact a local community with significant benefits in education, health care, ethical development, and environmental sustainability.

Do not miss out on this chance to invest in a socially responsible project by joining us in our mission to balance profit and purpose to make a lasting impact for generations to come.



Profit Share

Dividends will be sent to Platinum Investors every 90 days (at a minimum rate of 5% p.a.) with return of principle after three years.

Exclusive Access

Access to your own designated online portal. Virtually track developments of your investment.

Personalised Gift Set

This will include a range of branded merchandise, locally sourced artifacts, and other one-off exclusive goodies.

Virtual Meet & Invitation

Virtually meet the Bekazulu Mining Team and open-invitation to Zambia to engage with the project should you wish to visit.

Launch Event

One time personal invite to the KulaDAO launch event in 2023/24 to meet the project’s founders, key developers and other key RegionalDAO leads.


Labor Rights

Impact a mining operation that is overhauling & reshaping traditional practices across Africa.

Local Community

Protect and provide local communities with a voice. This project will not displace villages, women and children. The project has already completed its first charitable well.


Support environmental, ecological, and ethical practices. Natural resource development is conducted in a responsible way.

Education and Health Care

Provide comprehensive education and health care services to the local community through this project.


Develop local agricultural land. Cash crops are created for international export, helping provide longer term self sustainability.


Catalyze small and medium enterprises in the region with the development of necessary infrastructure and logistics.

Thank you for being a part of the KulaDAO Platinum Investor Community.

KulaDAO Team.