KulaDAO: Empowering local communities!

This incredible platform not only amplifies the voices of local community members but also fosters economic inclusion through profit sharing.

Making a real difference, one community at a time. 💪💚 #Empowerment

1/ Protection

Through the use of decentralized governance and DAO structure, KulaDAO protects the participation and voice of local communities.

They get to propose, vote and influence the decisions that affect their lives and livelihoods.

2/ How this will work

This voting procedure will be different community to community and therefore RegionalDAO to RegionalDAO.

We will work closely with community leaders and local government to ensure that we follow a voting procedure that is inclusive, fair and immutable.

3/ Transparent and Secure

All of this data will be added to the #blockchain to ensure their voices are heard and protected.

Smart contracts will automatically execute the decisions that are agreed upon.

This adds a layer of accountability, decentralization and security.

4/ Profit Sharing

KulaDAO, in its unique model, will profit share with the local community by airdropping tokens.

They will have access to a KULA wallet which can be used to sell their RegionalDAO tokens back to the KulaDAO ecosystem for real money.

This is a revolutionary way of doing business.