A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is a new form of organisation that removes centralised power structures from the decision-making process and automates the decisions taken by the organisation’s community through smart contracts activated on a blockchain.

Holders of the KulaDAO token (investors) will be able to propose and partake in decisions that will effect the future of KulaDAO.

KulaDAO has a distinct Double-DAO structure, whereby investors are able to partake in governance that will mould the overall ecosystem of KulaDAO whilst local community members are able to have a say in governance at their regional level, referred to as a RegionalDAO. These two governance structures do not overlap to ensure the voices of both stakeholders are protected.

‘DAOs are acknowledged as one of the most important constructs in the world of crypto. They will change the social fabric of how the 21st century is governed, financially resourced and even socialise through life’ - KulaDAO team 

A more detailed breakdown can be seen below.

Benefits of a DAOs


A trustless system with no governing body. No single person or group can influence the organization to serve their own interests.


Prior to launch, our contract code will be tested and validated by a reputable auditing company, making it less vulnerable to malicious attacks and fraud.


Each transaction is recorded on the blockchain. This allows investors and community members to verify all progress being made by KulaDAO.

Community Driven

Through the use of governance, users are given a sense of ownership, incentivising innovation and participation.


When a consensus or majority is reached, decisions are executed automatically by smart contracts. This lowers costs and speeds up decision making.