Invest in KulaDAO: A groundbreaking Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

KulaDAO is committed to the development and evolution of a fully decentralised autonomous organization that provides tokens to stakeholders whom by holding those tokens are empowered to make decisions which are executed by smart contract.

We deploy a double-DAO eco-system to provide the liquidity and tools for RegionalDAOs to retain both voice and participation in the development of their projects.

The journey to full decentralisation will be a managed process during which KulaDAO will develop its RegionalDAOs and create stability within the eco-system. Reaching stability in its value proposition, both in terms of community consensus regarding operational and administrational behaviours, and the value of the KulaDAO token, is the trigger for locked tokens (that are designed in the initial phase to prevent market manipulation or majority stake ownership) to be completely released to the market or burnt against our bonding curve algorithm.


This provides an incentivisation to community stakeholders to participate whilst affording them a genuine governance stake in the development process itself.
By design, Kula cannot be owned or controlled by any one individual or group. Protocols in the design of the DAO’s structure provide safeguards from this eco-system, simply reverting to an alternative centralised system around a single set of vested interests.