Glossary of Key Terms


This is an unsolicited distribution of cryptographic asset (or token) to a wallet address.


This is an acronym for ‘ask me anything’ and is commonly used in the cryptology space to allow the founders of a project to answer any questions community members may have.

Bonding Curve

This is a mathematical concept to describe the relationship between price and the supply of a cryptographic asset. This has been used in the KulaDAO ecosystem to calculate how many tokens should be released into circulation.

Centralised exchange (CEX)

This is a platform that allows a user to exchange their cryptographic assets. Examples include Binance and KuCoin.

Cryptocurrency (Crypto)

These are digital currencies that operate within a decentralized system and therefore transactions are conducted by smart contracts.

Cryptographic Assets

Please see cryptocurrency.


This is an acronym for decentralized autonomous organization. This removes centralized power structures from the decision making process and automates decisions taken by the organizations community through smart contracts activated on a blockchain.


This is where decision making and control is transferred to a distributed network as oppose to a centralized entity.

Decentralised Exchange (DEX)

A peer to peer marketplace where users can exchange cryptographic assets in a non-custodial manner using smart contracts as oppose to an intermediary to verify transactions.

Double DAO

This is a structure unique to KulaDAO and ensures that there is participation at the level of the investor and local community.


The functions and processes involved in the cryptographic asset.

Governance Token

A governance token represents control in a decentralized ecosystem. Holders of the governance token are able to partake in decisions which can alter a protocols direction.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

This is when a project allows their tokens to bought publicly on an exchange.


This is an acronym for memorandum of agreement. This represents a signed agreement between two parties to work together towards an agreed upon project or objective.


KulaDAO is participatory due to its ‘DAO’ structure. This means that all stakeholders are not only able to partake in governance, but they are also incentivized to do so.


This is a term native to KulaDAO’s ecosystem. Each investment project that on-boards with KulaDAO is called a Regional DAO.

Smart Contract

A transaction protocol that is intended to automatically execute, control or document events according to the predetermined terms of the contract.


Digital assets built upon an existing blockchain. The function and utility of each token can vary.


A cryptocurrency wallet stores your private keys which means that your cryptocurrency is both secure and safe. There are many variations of cryptocurrency wallets available. They are accessible as an app on your phone, desktop or an extension on your browser.