KulaDAO Is Planning For An ICO

Subject To Regulatory Clearance

An ICO is an initial coin offering. The term 'launch' is synonymous with ICO. Once KulaDAO has launched, you will be able to buy KulaDAO's token on a cryptographic exchange. More information on this will be released closer to the time.

Why You Should Consider An Investment In The KulaDAO Cryptocurrency?

Diversified Portfolio

Investors have the opportunity to hold a diversified portfolio which can include varying untapped natural resources and commodities.

Reduced risk for investors

Contracts, geographical data, feasibility reports and much more will be viewable on the blockchain for you to see. This is a trustless way of doing business.

Social responsibility

Investors contribute to improving the livelihoods of workers and their communities.

Win-win for all

KulaDAO uses blockchain and DAO technology to align the interests of its stakeholders. This includes clients, investors and community members.


Investors will be able vote and put forward proposals, allowing them to make decisions that will mould the future of KulaDAO.

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