KulaDAO will provide an immutable consensus framework for decision making in asset development. This reframes the current structure of developing projects where processes are often opaque and provenance can be obscured.
All stakeholders, from grass root community members and retail investors to trans-national corporations and national government entities, will have opportunity within the Kula DAO eco-system to equitably collaborate within the boundaries established by the smart contract protocols.
KulaDAO will ensure that in each RegionalDAO a percentage of the governance tokens are provided to the local community stakeholders in which a project occurs with financial return to the community pool being generated for future generations through a taxation on buy/sell in KulaDAO tokenomics.
This provides an incentivization to community stakeholders to participate whilst affording them a genuine governance stake in the development process itself.
Finally, by structuring the system around new emerging distributed ledger technology stakeholder participation is not only made possible but significantly reduces the need for organizational overhead and administrative expenses. By owning RegionalDAO tokens stakeholders not only hold their financial stake they can fully participate.