Emerald Mine

KulaDAO invests in primarily emerging nations with a focus on natural resources e.g. a gold mine in Africa. Through the use of Tokenomics and long lasting local relationships, KulaDAO is able to safely and transparently invest with a pre-agreed rate of return.

Historically, at the expense of the host nation such projects usually result in extortion and mass local displacement. However, due to the utilisation of Blockchain technology KulaDAO is able to protect the interests of all stakeholders. See here for further explanation.

KulaDAO carries out extensive and thorough due diligence. Through the use of partner organisations KulaDAO is able to accurately scope/map areas of land to identify and verify natural resources beneath the ground. This massively minimises any risk to investment. See here for proof of concept.

The community and the interest of all stakeholders is at the heart of everything that KulaDAO does.


Core Principles


KulaDAO utilizes blockchain technology to leverage transparency, immutability and community participation.


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Token holders are empowered to make decisions that are executed by smart contracts.


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KulaDAO offers a diversified portfolio to its investors whilst at a local level, it retains the engagement, voice and participation of its communities. All stakeholders benefit.

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