Wealth Creation With Kula - A Revolutionary New Crypto


By investing in Kula, investors (owners of Kula tokens) are able to benefit from a diversified pool of projects that all return pre-negotiated financial value. As projects with realisable value propositions (or what Kula calls RegionalDAOs) are added to and developed within the eco-system, the price of the Kula token is expected to rise.

Due to a combination of, team knowledge, experience, project diversification, extensive due diligence, long-lasting local relationships, and collaboration with our partner organisations, investor risk is heavily reduced.


Clients of Kula at the RegionalDAO level receive liquidity or service provision to kickstart or develop their project whilst retaining full governance and control of their RegionalDAO.

As a RegionalDAO tokenised project realises value, the floor price of the token grows, providing a return on the ‘investment’ - whether that is returned to the commercial investor or recycled by an impact investor back into the project. Kula provides a win-win ecosystem for projects to be financed, developed, and resourced.

Kula is, therefore an impact investment firm that provides liquidity or a service to a client for an agreed return on investment. We utilise blockchain technology to allow transparency amongst all our stakeholders whilst retaining the participation and voice of the local community.

Deeper dive - Regional DAO token bonding curve

This graph shows what we expect the graph of a RegionalDAO project to look like e.g. a gold mine in Zambia.

Point A is where Kula will provide liquidity to the RegionalDAO project.

Point B is where the project realises value (i.e. begins to monetize mineral extraction in its concession - e.g. Gold)

Point C is where the project’s value stabilises (i.e. because of limited resources)

KulaDAO's bonding curve (diversified portfolio)

This shows how we expect the overall graph of Kula to look like. As RegionalDAOs are onboarded they will stack against one another as shown above. This will provide Kula investors a diversified portfolio that is backed against real life investment projects. This will eventually range from natural resources all the way to real estate.

Once the RegionalDAOs are onboarded and begin to provide return on investment, we envision Kula to adopt an overall sigmoid shape (as shown below) with no maximum price ceiling.